Monday, August 04, 2003

The Americans decided to appoint the first woman judge in Najaf. Halleluiah halleluiah. equal rights, civil society, freedom and democracy.
Women of the world be united
No fuckin’ patriarchal society telling the women to be veiled, to lie down, to get raped any more.
A woman judge that would know how deal with women and child cases.

Well maybe in another universe:
“This is impossible, it is haram. Women are inferior to men, they are emotional, there religion and there mind is not ideal” said the women lawyers in the Najaf court house, quoting the prophet (peace be upon his name) -who allegedly has said that 1500 years ago.
After fatwas (edicts) from every single religious cleric in Najaf, stating it’s haram for women to be appointed as judge-for reasons mentioned above. We went to the court house, there we saw some 20 women lawyers staring from their chamber looking at the men lawyers demonstrating outside the senior judge room – the place where the swearing in of the new judge would take place- I said allahu akbar the first woman anti-discrimination demonstration in Iraq.

Another disappointment in the land of frustrations

-She can’t be a judge, Allah says no
-Women can’t rule over men. “You have to make your position clear you have to come and join us” said a one of the men-lawyers to the women.
So they went marching after their masters yet again…… as they did every day for past 15 centuries.

“I thought we were here to build a secular country not religious one” Said specialist Roe
US marines /Woman attorney from somewhere in infidel west.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Hidden behind hundreds of meters of barbed wire coils, under the black skies of the electricity free city, lies the compounds of the Iraq Forum previously known as the Convention Palace, next to it - part of the same compound-you have al-Rashid hotel the most prestigious of Baghdad’s hotels and the official residence of all the foreign guests and media during the old days. but one has to confess, it had an amazing catering service all the waiters and the staff were chosen from among the highest security apparatuses in Iraq, the best of the mukhabarat, the national security and special security apparatus people were working there as everything from laundry to management. most of the Iraqi new weds would prefer spending there first night in a public zoo than one of the rooms in the Rashid - its better to have couple of drunks and a hippopotamus watching you than to half of the security apparatuses analyzing the vocal patterns and suspicious and weird sounds you’re emitting during your first fuck.
So with such high quality services, people had to accept some inconveniences; like don’t point, don’t look, don’t ask, don’t don’t don’t don’t.
and this was also the place where you could enjoy the good company of the sons of the vice president or the sons of the minister of defense, or you could even enjoy the wonderful sight of late Mr. Uday and Mr. Qussay.
Anyhow all these are just memories everything is over now, things are changing everywhere in Iraq statues falling and others being build, murals washed and others painted, military caps are falling and turbans being wrapped. Things are changing, instead of the [Conventions Palace] we have the [Iraq Forum], and instead of the [Presidential Palace] we have the [CPA offices].

But we still have al-Rashid
Glamorous, Immaculate, Evil.
There it is, still standing with smiles on every window as if it is the center of universe; all the buildings around this hotel are war zone gutted structures. Tanks, barbed wires, concrete blocks, army helmets, m16s assault rifles, beggars, people queuing in long lines to get jobs…………… and a swimming pool.
Yes a swimming pool, bars, night club, drinks, nice Americans in sleeveless shirts. The same Americans who millions of my compatriots look at as the last hope for a better life and future. Walking in the hallways and corridors which are guarded by dirty tired looking American soldiers, they even have UDAY’s, a real 80s night club with big mirror disco ball that one day used to send its shining reflection on the bellies of udays girlfriends, today the disco ball shines on the bellies of electricity, sewage and humanitarian assistance officials
God I m a real sick person shouldn’t they have a glimpse of good life, what’s wrong with beer and eminem at night and ayatollahs, hunger no electricity and RPGs in the morning.


So we have a government at last…. and what a government a twenty five heads amebic Governing Council
“Habibi we are like a drowned man, we will grab the first piece of shit flouting on the water” Ali Muhssin, 35, taxi driver “ I m not a very sophisticated man you know, I m a very poor man but I can understand very well that an Iraqi GOVERMENT will solve lots of issues. By the way habibi how come we still have power cuts? I thought the day we have a PRESIDENT everything will go back to normal!!
That’s another issue for the Iraqis after almost half a century of the rule of
“the Leader the necessity“ Iraqis are so confused, what is a governing council ?
Is it a government?
A parliament?
A cabinet of ministers?
Is it a 25 heads president?
Well hmmm it could be but no. so what the fuck is it !!! My son asked me yesterday is it true daddy that now instead of one picture of Saddam in my class ill have the whole set of 25 pictures?
Imagine the chaos 25 big mural in every street corner with 25 set of statues in the main plazas. God help ambassador Bremer, even Jesus had to deal with only 12.
If I could summarize the Iraqi reaction in a very mechanical unpoetic way it is:
-Oh they don’t represent us they are foreigners
-I don’t believe they could achieve any thing the Americans will always have the final say
-Hey when will they fix the electricity and you know I don’t mind voting for a shiat-and or a sunny depends on your settings, shiat mode or a sunny mode- as long as he will help my people.

Again provide jobs, electricity, security and Iraqis will vote to elect you president for life
That’s not true you know
Now there is something else. Of coarse not as important as electricity but as good as most of the Iraqis will tell you, It’s the “mukhabarat free society”, no more security thugs with ugly faces demanding to see your ID, your history and your mothers love letters- well of coarse apart from those hanging around the head quarters of Chalabis, Allawies and the king to be

God I swear INC/SCIRI/INA/ are different from the baathist thugs only in there names
You go to the headquarters of Chalabi and all you see is a bunch of kids and men armed to the teeth, pure thugs -Saddam thugs but in a different form. Why would I exchange one tyrant with another?
Unlike what al-Jazeera says I think Iraqis gained something form the Americans.
We got some amebic concept, some call it freedom others call it chaos,
I call it a fuzzy dream of democracy.

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